A lifetime student of human performance, the body and mind, Dave lives and embodies what he teaches. He coaches people who want to better themselves and to overcome obstacles, those who seek change and those that are willing to change.


His aim is to turn your weaknesses into strengths, to make you a more functionally fit, robust and useful human. He wants to strengthen and bulletproof your body from the ground up and from the inside out.

Life is about living. It is about fulfilling your potential and increasing your longevity. You must start by strengthening the body and mind that will enable you to truly believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those set upon yourself.

Strength and Conditioning

Personal Training, Online Programming & Performance Training Ebooks

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Personal Training

Hybrid Personal Training is the Private Personal Strength & Conditioning Training Program available at Hybrid Fitness & Performance. It is a goal oriented program that is specific to the your needs and flexible to your schedule.

The personal training service includes goal oriented training sessions, mobility work, diet and recovery assistance.

The training you will be exposed to during these sessions will stand to you. They will simply make you better, look better, feel better. You will be transformed from the inside out. You will be empowered.

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Online Programming

For those unable to attend the Hybrid Facility and want to train the Hybrid way, there are 2 Remote Training Programs available:

Ultimate Athlete Programming is an effective, comprehensive and constantly varied Strength & Conditioning training program specifically designed and built for the Field Athlete looking to get leaner and to empower their performance.

Special Operator is a fully comprehensive training program designed to fully prepare the individual for the rigours of being a special operator and preparing them for special operations testing and training. It is an integrated functional fitness and mental toughness training program. It leverages the best practices of special operator style physical and mental training.


Performance Training Ebooks

A selection of Ebooks, Manuals and Training Programs that cover key areas of Strength & Conditioning, Power Development, Programming, Metabolic Conditioning and Hybrid Strongman Training.

They are uniquely designed to give you the edge in terms of fitness and performance, to create a greater demand on your energy systems, leading you to becoming a more complete and competitive athlete.