Dave Handcock is a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Owner of Hybrid Fitness & Performance and a member of Lykorgos.

A lifetime student of the human body, Dave coaches people who want to overcome obstacles and to better themselves, those who seek change and those that are willing to change. His ultimate aim is to make you a more functional, useful human, to strengthen and bulletproof your body and mind. To make you harder to kill.



He has worked with many sports teams as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist including the Senior Ireland Rugby League team and as Elite Performance Manager for Rugby League Ireland. He now coaches and trains like-minded individuals, athletes, special operators, small groups and professionals out of his high performance training facility in Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

Training Philosophy


Dave believes in training the body and the mind as they were designed and built to be trained. In both a functional and transferable manner. Accountability and Longevity are essential to success. You really do reap what you sow. In addition, what you put in, you will get out. As a result, you will get out of your training and nutrition exactly what you put in to it.

Your Appearance Is The Consequence Of Your Fitness.

You Get What You Give.

Dave also publishes a monthly newsletter that covers key areas of training, nutrition and mindset. In addition, he has recently begun publishing the HYBRID ATHLETE PROGRAMMING SERIES. This is a series of 5 EBooks and EManuals that cover key areas of Strength, Power Development, Metabolic Conditioning and Hybrid Strongman Training. As a result, the main aim of the series is to educate you and to fully maximize your training potential and development.

The 5 EBooks are available to buy HERE.

Dave can also be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and his YouTube Channel.

He resides in Santry, Dublin, Ireland.

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