An Introduction to Hybrid Programming is a free sample training program that is catered for an individual seeking an increase in overall strength, mass and work capacity.

There are 5 Gym based sessions per week. 3 sessions (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) focus on Strength & Power Development with a Complimentary Conditioning block at the end of each session. The remaining 2 sessions (Wednesday and Saturday) focus on Metabolic Conditioning.


Hybrid Programming is an effective, comprehensive and constantly varied Strength & Conditioning training program specifically designed and built for the individual and their training environment.

The programming not only exposes you to traditional lifting movements but also include a great variety of strongman movements, rotational development, speed and explosive power work along with functional accessory movements.

The programs are structured around one main training session each day. There is the option of adding a complimentary session or specific conditioning blocks for that day. This is repeated over the course of the week for 12 consecutive weeks.

Hybrid Programming is designed in such a way that you can repeat the 12-week cycle 2 to 3 times. By doing this you effectively get a 24-36-week training program.

Every session, every day and every week consist of different exercises and different exercise combinations. This type of exercise rotation prevents Accommodation and increases Muscle Stimulus.

Accommodation causes your performance to stagnate and regress. This occurs when you do the same exercises, exercise combinations and protocols every time you train. Hybrid Programming is constantly varied and prevents accommodation.


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