Becoming Meta-Human Manual

Becoming Meta-Human Manual


Become A Meta-human Badass To Separate You From The Average Gym Junkie

All you need is this cutting-edge, step by step guide to programming and

Becoming Meta-human

In this BECOMING META-HUMAN EManual Dave has created a step by step guide to Strength & Conditioning programming that will not only educate you on training and programming but will fully enable you to empower your training and enhance your performance.

Included in this EManual is a step by step guide to structuring a Functional Strength & Conditioning program and at the end of it, the entire guide is put together to culminate in a Sample 4 Week Strength & Conditioning program.

Also included are 20 new Maximum Intensity Conditioning Blocks that can be used as a standalone conditioning workout or to compliment your new strength training program and routine.

You will soon be the Strongest, Fittest and Leanest you have ever been. You will be the fittest in your gym and your team.

This will transform the way you train, look and feel forever.

With this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Optimally Warm Up, Activate & Mobilize
  • Properly Structure A Training Session
  • Properly Structure A Training Program
  • Implement Complimentary Lifting
  • Implement Complimentary Conditioning
  • Cool Down
  • Optimally Fuel & Refuel
  • Recover Accordingly

Train Smart And Get Serious Results Now!