A selection of EBooks, Manuals and Training Programs that cover key areas of Strength & Conditioning, Power Development, Programming, Metabolic Conditioning and Hybrid Strongman Training.

They are uniquely designed to give you the edge in terms of strength, fitness and performance, to create a greater demand on your energy systems leading you to becoming a more complete and competitive athlete. 

Anabolic Conditioning is a 4 week training program that is a combination of high intensity interval training, metabolic conditioning and the mass building principle of German Volume Training (GVT).

Develop serious strength, gain lean muscle, torch body fat and enhance work capacity all at the same time.

After doing this program for one month, i guarantee that your approach to training and fitness will change forever.


Spartan Ebook

A minimalist equipment, outdoor, progressive training program with 60 conditioning workout blocks designed in such a way that you can scale it to suit your existing fitness levels.


150 maximum intensity metabolic conditioning blocks that can be used as standalone workouts or used to compliment your existing strength training program and gym routine.

By utilising the training blocks in this manual, you will be the fittest, leanest and most conditioned you have ever been.


Bulletproof Ebook

A uniquely designed, 12 week, fully comprehensive training program and training manual designed specifically for the GAA Athlete.

Empower your performance and Bulletproof your body.


Every athlete needs to be able to generate as much instant power as possible and sustain it for as long as possible. You want to be a step ahead of your competition, no matter what level you are on.

Horsepower is a 12 week training program and training manual designed for the Power Sport athlete


This EBook will educate and guide you in the exercises involved in Strongman and show you how to incorporate them into your training and take it to the next level.

With the Hybrid Strongman Method, you are combining your traditional training which includes barbell, dumbbell and kettlebell movements, metabolic conditioning and conditioning protocols with Strongman movements.


Maximize your training time and build genuine functional horsepower.

A step by step guide to Strength & Conditioning Programming that will educate and enable you to empower your training and enhance your performance.