Field Athlete Programming



Field Athlete Programming are effective, comprehensive and constantly varied Strength & Conditioning training programs specifically designed and built for Field/Combat Athletes and their chosen training environment.

All programs are structured around one main training session each day. There is the option of adding an extra complimentary session or a specific conditioning block for that day to compliment the main training session. This structure is repeated over the course of the chosen duration of your program. Programs are designed as 4 Weeks, 8 Weeks and 12 Weeks. The choice is yours.

Field Athlete Programming is designed in such a way that you can actually repeat the chosen program duration 2 to 3 times. By doing this you could effectively get a 12-36-week training program, depending on your selection.

Every session, every day and every week consist of different exercises and different exercise combinations. This type of exercise rotation prevents Accommodation and increases Muscle Stimulus. Accommodation causes your performance to stagnate or decrease. This occurs when you do the same exercises, exercise combinations and protocols every time you train.

Field Athlete Programming is constantly varied and prevents accommodation.

The programming will not only expose you to traditional lifting movements but will also include a great variety of modified strongman training, rotational development, speed and explosive power work along with functional accessory movements.


Warm Up

The warm up will be both movement based and skill based to prepare your body for the main training session. Its aim is to prepare the body for the session ahead and to raise the heart rate.

Functional Strength/Power Development

This is the main section of the session and is the priority section for the day.

This section covers Strength/Power Development that will stress your CNS most. It is the core of your training program and aims at developing and maximising your strength and power.

Sessions will include workout notes and scaling options.

Complimentary Work

The movements and exercises in this section compliments the Main Section of the workout. Its main aim is to address weaknesses and assist in bullet-proofing the body. The movements comprise of a 2-3 exercise supersets with a higher rep volume to the Main Section movements.

Engine Work

The Engine section of the workout aims at increasing your work capacity, cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory systems. This is done through Metabolic Conditioning and Interval Weight Training (IWT). Along with standard gym equipment, cardio equipment utilised here will include Row, Ski, Airbike, Bike, Treadmill run, Outdoor run, burpees and skipping. Not all equipment is required, there will often be substitutes but it is recommended that you have at least a Concept Rower and an Airbike as a minimum.


Field Athlete Programming is a ​performance based training program for Field and Court Sport Athletes, Combat Athletes, Fighters and anyone who is looking to put​ pinnacle performance ​in front of anything else.

Field Athlete Programming will push you to a place you never thought possible and you will gain a broader understanding of human performance and what you are capable of.

The programs are designed in such a way that they allow for steady and continuous progress. Whichever level of fitness and conditioning you are currently at, the programming will enable you to build, to adapt and to move forward. Forever Onward.

We are committed and dedicated to you. We are here to assist you in carving your path.

Each individual seeking an online program will go through a detailed consultation.

Each program will be entirely specific to the individual’s needs, equipment at their disposal, time constraints and commitment. Upon receiving the programs, weekly and monthly communication is encouraged. This will ensure a complete understanding of the program and therefore, maximises program development.

Although results and improvements may come, we can’t guarantee it. We can’t guarantee it because we are not there pushing you to do it. We can’t ensure your effort. What we can guarantee is that we will provide you with a program that meets our standards and our way of training. All you have to do is commit and apply yourself to the best of your abilities. Be accountable, take responsibility for your own actions, work hard, and stay true. The results will speak for themselves.

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STEP 1: Email us expressing your interest by clicking on the following link:

STEP 2: Keep an eye on your email for a reply with questions from us. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Before you receive the Consultation Questionnaire, we would like to get to know a bit about you and what you’d like to get out of the program and coaching from us.

STEP 3: REPLY to that email and answer all the questions. The more details you give, the more we will get to know you and where you are coming from.

STEP 4: Following on from this initial consult, a Consultation Questionnaire will then be sent to you. This Questionnaire will contain all questions necessary for us to build the very best Training Program for you.

STEP 5: Once you send that questionnaire back to us, your Program will then be developed and built. There is no required payment at this time. You only send payment when your Training Program is complete and ready to be sent to you. All of your Program files will be in PDF format so you can easily download and access it from your smartphone, tablet and computer.

Once you receive your Training Program, you will then have online access to us for all queries. No stone will be left unturned. Any questions you may have will be answered. If you wish it, there will be weekly and monthly check ins to track your progress.