Going Spartan

Breaking free from the modern confines of the concrete, walled structure of the Gym and bringing your training outdoors into nature is extremely liberating. It is freedom. It is real. What you get is a sense of raw conditioning of the body, cultivation and stimulation of the mind and an unfolding growth of an ancient, primal spirit. You will form a harmony with the natural environment.

This Training Program encourages you to train in nature with minimal equipment, with a raw and primal approach. You can move, carry, lift, walk, run, hike, climb, swim, and grow under the eye of Mother Nature.

Spartan Ebook
Spartan Ebook

For the Spartans, physical training was an integral part of their culture. It became necessary, and was required by the government, that they achieve and maintain very high levels of physical fitness and strength endurance.

The Spartans used whatever was available to improve their physical conditioning. Body weight exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups would have been heavily utilized. They would use resistance in their strength training methods by using stones, rocks, logs, animals and each other to help increase their strength. Wrestling, running, jumping and climbing were all part of their training regime.

All of this training was done outdoors and exposed to the elements.

Training for a Spartan meant improvisation and adaption. It focused on what they were capable of enduring while maintaining a high level of efficiency throughout. Not unlike the modern day special operator.