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How to Improve your Deadlift – 5 Simple Tips


    The Deadlift is awesome. It is both loved and hated. A common question i get asked regulary is how to improve one’s max lift. A ‘max’ is just your perception of your max. You can and will go higher. You might be saying, “but I’ve been stuck at this weight for ages”. Mental …


2B or not 2B; that is the question

2b or not 2b

Training the appropriate Muscle Fibers for optimum results   Human muscle tissue consists of both Fast-Twitch and Slow-Twitch muscle fibers. Slow Twitch muscle fibers are called Type 1 and are capable of producing sub maximal force over an extended period. They are best described as “endurance” fibers. It is these muscle fibers that athletes involved …


Transformation, part 2: your fuel plan & trusting your body

transformation fuel

  Do not punish yourself with a miserable diet   Following on from my previous post, Transformation, part 1: why those diets are not sustainable, I want to talk about why you should fuel and trust your body. When we think of the words “diet” and “weight loss” the third word that usually comes to mind is …


Transformation, part 1: why those diet plans are not sustainable

transformation nutrition

Transformation [trans-fer-mey-shuh n] noun the act or process of transforming. the state of being transformed. change in form, appearance, nature, or character.   Transformation is an operation or process that converts you from your existing state to you into another, newer more desirable state. Like so many processes, there is a formula and components. To get it right, the formula must work and the components must be applied. If they do …


Programming the Novice Power Athlete, Part 2 – Complex Training

Programming the novice power athlete - complex training

Complex Training   As I said in Part 1, Complex Training is a method of training that was developed in Eastern Europe to blend results of heavy weight training with plyometrics. It consists of four components:   Resistance Training Plyometric Training Sprint Training Sport Specific Training   When these components are worked separately, they will …


Programming the Novice Power Athlete, Part 1

Programming the novice power athlete

Every athlete wants improvement   Every athlete wants to be a step ahead of their competition, no matter what level they are on. As a result of this ‘want’, the athlete must train harder than they already are. They want to be stronger, fitter, faster, more powerful and more agile. The athlete watches YouTube videos …


Fuel To Perform

fuel to perform

Eating does not need to be complicated   Eating and nutrition, once understood, is quite simple. You just eat what you were designed to eat. Eat to perform and eat to function. At the end of the day you are just a machine and a machine needs the right fuel to perform optimally.


Strongman Training for Athletes: Ditch the Olympic Lifts and Embrace the Stones


Modified Strongman Training for Athletes   Strongman Training is one of the most effective ways to train athletes of any size, shape, and gender and for any sport.   By using Strongman techniques, you implement a touch of all the athletic essentials: The brute strength of a Powerlifter The explosiveness of an Olympic contender The …


Becoming Hard to Kill and Training for the Zombie Apocalypse

becoming hard to kill

How can I become hard to kill and how do I train for a zombie apocalypse?   As a trainer, I always ask the individual before they start training why they are training or what they are training for. In order for anybody to stick to something you must have a definite reason. This is …