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Transformation, part 2: your fuel plan & trusting your body

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  Do not punish yourself with a miserable diet   Following on from my previous post, Transformation, part 1: why those diets are not sustainable, I want to talk about why you should fuel and trust your body. When we think of the words “diet” and “weight loss” the third word that usually comes to mind is …


Transformation, part 1: why those diet plans are not sustainable

transformation nutrition

Transformation [trans-fer-mey-shuh n] noun the act or process of transforming. the state of being transformed. change in form, appearance, nature, or character.   Transformation is an operation or process that converts you from your existing state to you into another, newer more desirable state. Like so many processes, there is a formula and components. To get it right, the formula must work and the components must be applied. If they do …


Fuel To Perform

fuel to perform

Eating does not need to be complicated   Eating and nutrition, once understood, is quite simple. You just eat what you were designed to eat. Eat to perform and eat to function. At the end of the day you are just a machine and a machine needs the right fuel to perform optimally.