“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most”

To succeed, you will need discipline. But what exactly does discipline really mean? The above quote got it right; it’s all about what you want now and what you want most. Your act will depend on these two factors. You must take an honest look at your past actions and see which you gave more importance to.

Successful individuals and entrepreneurs know what will be important for their lives and businesses and what they would need to do now. They know that discipline is vital in order to reach their goals. This helps them classify which steps they need to prfioritize; therefore, helping them know which actions to take first. It is easier for them to decide because they already know what they really want. They have a clear, defined goal in mind.

A person without any discipline will simply not succeed. They won’t know which to do first because they have no bloody idea what they want now or what they truly want the most.

The vast majority of people have a lot of wants. But you must have a clear, precise picture of what you really, really want. Only then will you see what’s most important to you. Then, and only then will you be able to have discipline in your life. As soon as you set these goals and these wants, then you can take the necessary steps and reach your goals.

Discipline is vital to your success. Define your goals, see what’s most important and then apply disciplined actions. Once done, you are on your way to succeed.

Define, Act, Succeed.

Conditioning Block

5 Rounds

Airbike x 20 Cals (As fast as possible)

Double Kettlebell Rack Sissy Squats x 15

Double Kettlebell Rack Walking Lunge x 50Ft

Husafell Sandbag Carry x 100Ft